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Payment Options

We accept credit cards, debit, e-transfer, and direct bill to most extended benefits providers. 

Gift Certificates are now available online! Or purchase one in person at your next appointment.

***We do not direct bill to WorkSafe or ICBC***

Extended Benefits and Direct Billing

Direct billing is available to most extended health benefits providers but is dependent on the individual benefits plan. Please include the requested details on your intake form. If you're not sure about your coverage, please check with your insurance provider. Please note that WorkSafe and ICBC treatments cannot  be billed to  extended health plans.

Some extended health benefits plans require a doctor's referral for coverage. Please check with your insurance provider to see if a referral is required. If it is, please obtain a referral, keep it current and provide us with a copy as we are required to have it on file.

Most insurance companies require a consent and authorization form to be filled out by the plan member/dependent and on file with us prior to direct billing. If you would like to have us direct bill your extended health benefits provider for your treatment, please ensure that you provide us with your insurance information in your Intake Form. Let us know if you need the form emailed to you ahead of time. *SunLife Insurance and Telus Health require the plan member, not the dependent, to complete the form.

You are responsible for any remaining balance due that your insurance company does not cover and/or rejects.

***We do not direct bill to WorkSafeBC or ICBC***


We appreciate the thought, but as medical professionals we cannot accept any form of gratuity for our services. The best way to show your appreciation is to tell others about Rebalance Wellness Massage Therapy and to leave us a Google Review or Testimonial. Thanks!

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